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Lionel Licenses M.T.H. for Tinplate


Yesterday, an electric charge rippled through the model train boards when someone managed to find a draft of a press release on the M.T.H. web site that was not otherwise available to the public, and post it on OGR And while the timing was off by a week or so, the facts are correct.

Jerry Calabrese Addresses Lionel's Commitment to Scale Product and the Legacy Control System


Since my appearance at the Toy Train Museum at Strasburg Wednesday afternoon, a rumor has been circulating that Lionel is getting out of the high end, scale steam engine business.  It’s my pleasure to nip this rumor in the bud.

Lionel proudly announces LEGACY Day


At Lionel, we are so excited about our LEGACY Control System® that we are taking our demos on the road. Users have agreed that the Lionel LEGACY Control System® is a giant step forward in the way we play with trains. Now, we are offering people around the country the opportunity to see it for themselves.

Catalog Sneak Peek! Lionel Conventional Classics!


The initial response to my initial announcement about Lionel’s new Postwar Conventional Classics series has been extremely encouraging.  At a time when Lionel has devoted so much energy in developing and perfecting our new LEGACY operating system, it’s important that train enthusiasts who prefer conventional operations understand that we are fully committed to them, as well. 

LIONEL LEGACY UPGRADE Version 1.2 now available


Lionel is pleased to announce the release of Lionel LEGACY Control System upgrade version 1.2.  This upgrade will enable users to access a whole new menu of LEGACY features and will enhance your enjoyment of this revolutionary operating system.

AnnouncingLionel Postwar Authentics - Conventional Classics


I'm pleased to announce that in our next catalog, which will be released this August, we will be re-issuing the first in a three year series of the very pieces on which Lionel built its reputation for excellence, innovation and authenticity.

Jerry Calabrese on Lionel LEGACY Control System Upgrade


We ask that LEGACY owners register their systems and place their address on file so that we can send them the free upgrade.

Online Updates to Lionel Signature 2008 Volume 1 & Lionel Ready-To-Run 2008 Catalogs


See the online catalog for the latest updates to Lionel Signature Catalog 2008 Volume 1 and Lionel Ready-To-Run Catalog 2008.

PRODUCT ALERT: Milwaukee Road EP-2 “Bipolar” Paint Issue


Thanks to the good efforts of some of our key dealers and customers, we’ve become aware that some of the new “Bipolar” electric locomotives have a paint chipping problem between the three sections of the engine that occurred in shipping.