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Lionel FasTrack Modular RailRoad Specifications Released


Lionel, in conjunction with the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA), is proud to release a specifications manual for the new Lionel FasTrack Modular RailRoad system.

In February of 2012, Lionel and the LCCA formed a committee to take on the task of designing standards for a FasTrack Module Layout System. This specifications manual details the work of the committee and provides all the information necessary for the construction and wiring of the modules.

The system has been designed to allow a variety of uses. In addition to assembling a layout at an event where individuals gather with their modules, the modules can be included in a home layout and be easily removed to attend an event. The modules also provide a great way to assemble a home layout that can be easily rearranged or enlarged. As an added bonus, this module system is optimized for use with the Lionel LEGACY Control System.

A link to download the manual is found on the official Lione blog (, or you can download the manual directly here. Updates and additions to this manual, including additional photography and layout suggestions, will be posted on Also, the official Lionel blog is a great source for updates, event announcements, and tips for creating your own modular layout.

In order to facilitate the building of modules from scratch, Lionel is offering the Lionel FasTrack Modular Railroad Template (6-37150) through The plastic template will ensure precise placement of both track and rotolock latches on both sides of the module. It is a useful tool that can be used over and over again.

For those hobbyists looking for additional assistance in building their module, Lionel is offering FasTrack Modular Railroad kits for the straight (6-37154) and both full corner (6-37154) and reversible corner (6-37153) modules. Each kit includes all hardware, wood framing, electricals, and two 5 inch sections of FasTrack used between adjoining modules. The corner modules also include a full size paper template. Builders will need to provide their own plywood top, 2 x 2 legs, and the track. These kits are also available through

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