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FINAL REMINDER: One Week Left To Reserve Your Vision Line Products!



Dear Friends of Lionel:


Because time is running out to reserve your introductory Vision offerings, we want to take this one last opportunity to make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information on this ground-breaking line of products.


Designed to fulfill the promise – the vision – of our acclaimed LEGACY operating system, our new Vision line features two steam engines (the Pennsylvania CC2s 0-8-8-0 and the Santa Fe 3000 Class 2-10-10-2) and two diesels (the Union Pacific Genset Switcher and GE’s Evolution® Hybrid) that are more realistic and authentic than any you’ve ever seen or run.


Both steam offerings have ground-breaking features like our sensational “blow-down” steam effect, our whistle steam feature, and a swinging bell. Our die-cast Genset Switcher has simulated 3-engine “Sleep Time” technology and operating exhaust stack covers.  The GE’s Evolution® Hybrid (also die-cast) has a working “charging light” feature that is truly spectacular.  Each of these items takes model railroading to a level the hobby has never seen before.


And that’s only the beginning; engines aren’t the only items in the introductory Vision line.  We’re also offering the ethanol tank cars with FreightSounds; an operating stock car with cattle sounds so realistic you’ll swear we put real cattle inside; a flatcar with an operating billboard you can program yourself; and the Grand Central Terminal accessory.


As you know, we’ve been out demonstrating these products and features for the past few months and have been heartened by the overwhelming response we’ve gotten from everyone who’s been in attendance.  Lionel held an unprecedented series of 18 product demonstrations all across the nation, at which we had the opportunity to speak directly with over 2,000 Lionel fans. At the TCA Eastern Division’s Spring York Meet alone we held ten demonstrations enabling us to speak directly with over 1,200 people. 


In talking with you about these products, we heard lots of great suggestions and comments, one of which concerned the rebate program we initially offered.  Having heard that you preferred that we not institute a mail-in rebate, we decided to simply lower the price on these enginesgiving you the same savings without having to send in for your rebate.  The revised suggested retail prices are as follows:  


  • Pennsylvania CC2s 0-8-8-0 is now $1,749.99
  • Santa Fe 3000 Class 2-10-10-2 is now $2,249.99
  • GE’s Evolution® Hybrid is now $874.99
  • Union Pacific Genset Switcher is now $674.99

Note: We have still maintained the Lionel direct rebate for an additional $300 dollars to anyone who buys both of our new steam engines, as well as the additional $50 to anyone who buys both of our new diesels.  


We also want to take this last opportunity to clarify the minimum track requirements on each of these engines:


  • Pennsylvania CC2s: O-72 recommended, but can run on as tight as O-54
  • Santa Fe 2-10-10-2: O-72
  • GE’s Evolution® Hybrid: O-54 recommended, but can run on as tight as O-42
  • UP Genset Switcher: O-54, but can run on as tight as O-42

And as you know, everyone who purchases a Vision engine will also enjoy all the benefits of Lionel’s Vision Line Rewards Club membership:

  • Two year service warranty (rather than our traditional one year term)
  • Priority service
  • Hospitality facilities at York and other selected shows
  • Sneak peaks at upcoming Vision products
  • Opportunity to take advantage of special Visions offers and discounts

This has been an extraordinary initiative for Lionel, one of the biggest undertakings in our 109-year history.  And we want to thank you all for your interest and support.  Having said that, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to purchase these break-through products.  You still have one week to get your orders in to your dealer of choice.  The deadline for ordering is Wednesday, May 27th.


Thanks again and we look forward to hearing your reactions when you receive these extraordinary Vision products.



Jerry Calabrese



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