Accessory connections

Product specifications
Input voltage 120VAC ± 10% 60 Hz
Accessory output 12VAC ± 2VAC
Available power 80 watts
Note: This capacity is a combination of both outputs. For example, if you are using 45 watts from the accessory output terminals, you will have 35 watts available from the track terminals.
Horn/whistle output A positive offset is applied to the track AC output.
Bell output A negative offset is applied to the track AC output.
Circuit breaker Disables output if transformer is overloaded or short circuited. Once tripped, the breaker will reset automatically.

Lionel Service

T our 80 Watt Type BW power and control system is built with pride by Lionel and carries a warranty to support continued reliable operation. If service is required, bring it and its warranty card to your local authorized Lionel Service Center. To find the nearest dealer or Service Center, simply call 1-800-4-LIONEL or search our website:
If you prefer a Lionel factory repair, call 810-949-4100, fax 810-949-5429, or write Lionel Service, P.O. Box 748, New Baltimore, MI 48047-0748.
     State the problem and the product’s pur
purchase date.

We’ll send a return authorization letter to assure proper handling while at Lionel. You may choose to have your product repaired by Lionel Service after its warranty has expired. A reasonable service fee will be charged.
CAUTION: Make sure your product is properly packed to prevent shipping damage. The shipment must be prepaid and we recommend it be insured. Please follow these instructions carefully. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights that vary from state to state

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