The 80 Watt Type BW/PowerHouse system—
the basics

Type BW/PowerHouse power supply
Y our Lionel BW/PowerHouse power supply is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and has been carefully designed and tested to ensure peak performance.
    WARNING: When using electrical products, basic safety precautions should be maintained including the following:

Read this manual thoroughly before using this device.
This device is not recommended for children under eight years of age.
Parents should periodically inspect the BW/PowerHouse unit for potential hazards and have unit repaired if necessary by an authorized Lionel Service Center.
BW/PowerHouse is intended to be used indoors. Do not use if water is present. Serious or fatal injury may result.
Do not use BW/PowerHouse for other than its intended purpose. The unit was designed to operate with Type BW, PowerMaster™, and select Lionel controllers only.
BW/PowerHouse is designed to operate on 120-volt, 60-Hertz power. Do not connect to any other source of power.
Do not operate BW/PowerHouse with a damaged cord, plug, or case.
To avoid the risk of electrical shock, do not disassemble the unit. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. If damaged, take BW/PowerHouse to your authorized Lionel Service Center. A list of Service Centers is packed with this unit.
CAUTION: Do not operate your layout unattended. Obstructed accessories or stalled trains may overheat, resulting in damage to your layout.
If the circuit breaker trips, turn BW/PowerHouse Off. Reset the circuit breaker, then turn the power On and resume operation.
Always unplug BW/PowerHouse from the power source when not in use
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