Type BW/PowerHouse operation

Type BW control features
     The Bell button will activate all Railsounds bells. Press and hold Bell two to three seconds to begin the sound; press and hold again to stop it.

    Press the Whistle/Horn button to activate Lionel sound-equipped locomotives, including those equipped with Railsounds. The sound will continue until the button is released. No external sound activation buttons are needed.

Notes on sound activation
    In Railsounds-equipped locomotives and tenders, a continuous horn/whistle or bell trigger can occur if the sound buttons are pressed before Railsounds is “awake.” To instantly correct this condition, turn PowerHouse Off and back On again. For best results, Do not activate Railsounds horns, whistles, or bells until track power has stabilized.
    Type BW may cause random whistles in the Lionel Mighty Sound of Steam™ tender with a three-pin connector. We recommend you a purchase a Railsounds-equipped tender to replace your Mighty Sound of Steam tender.
Power-on indicator
    The Lionel logo on Type BW will illuminate whenever the unit is receiving power from BW/PowerHouse.

    Push the throttle forward to increase track power—as power increases, the backlit powerband display will progressively illuminate.
    For more realism, turn the throttle slowly to gradually increase or decrease locomotive speed. The locomotive can then be brought to a stop without triggering the direction control; when the throttle is turned up again, the locomotive will proceed in the same direction.

    The direction control button interrupts track power to activate the reverse unit in locomotives with forward-neutral-reverse operation. This button has no effect on locomotives not equipped with reverse units or on locomotives with the reverse unit in the Off position.
    The direction control button also serves as a short circuit reset button (see “Type BW and short circuits” ).