Type BW/PowerHouse operation

Type BW functions
Your Type BW provides a total output of 5 amps. The track (variable) output will deliver 5 amps to the track when no load is connected to the accessory (fixed) “U” terminals. The accessory terminals also provide a maximum output of 5 amps, but the total output cannot exceed 5 amps. For example, if your track output is 3 amps, you have 2 amps of fixed output to run your accessories. This built-in flexibility will provide power for virtually any small-to-intermediate-sized railroad.
    Available voltage varies depending on how much load is on the two outputs. Generally, track voltage is 0-18VAC. Accessory voltage is 12VAC.
    Type BW will operate trains up to and including dual-motored AC engines. To operate at this level of track power, it may be
necessary to disconnect any accessory load.
Always clean and lubricate engines for best results. It may be necessary to power up slowly at this load to prevent surge current from tripping Type BW’s protection circuit.
    Type BW will operate any single locomotive and consist. However, when a locomotive with Railsounds is pulling several illuminated cars, the current will approach the trip point at certain times. In this case, a light touch on the throttle may be required.
Unlike older transformers with mechanical current protection, Type BW reacts instantly to overload conditions. Therefore, Type BW will react much faster to an overload than conventional transformers, but power reset time will decrease as well.

Type BW and short circuits
T o protect against overheating and damage due to short circuits, Type BW is equipped with an electronic current-sensing circuit breaker. When a short circuit occurs, the green light will flash on and off and power output will cease. This will also occur if the 5-amp current limit is exceeded. The unit will reset automatically once the short has been corrected,
    In rare instances, BW/PowerHouse’s mechanical circuit breaker may trip. To reset the circuit on BW/PowerHouse, push the circuit breaker in.
To prevent sudden train starts, always move the throttle to zero before resetting the PowerHouse breaker.