Type BW/PowerHouse operation

Mounting Type BW on your layout or control panel
T o mount Type BW on your layout or control panel, choose a suitable position in which to place the transformer. Then mark the 4 mounting holes. Drive a screw into each of these four points.
    BW/PowerHouse can also be mounted. It has four mounting centers in a 1-3/4" x 4-3/8" (48mm x 131mm) pattern.

Troubleshooting guide
Problem Solution
No lights or operation • Be sure BW/PowerHouse is plugged into working outlet.
• Check the connection between Controller and BW/PowerHouse.
• Check that BW/PowerHouse On/off switch is On.
Circuit breaker trips immediately when power is applied. Recheck wiring, looking for short circuits. Disconnect all wiring. Reconnect circuits until defective circuit is found.
Train runs but Whistle/horn, Bell, or Direction will not work. Check track connections to PowerStation. Whistle/horn, Bell, and Direction function only on track output terminals.
No change when Direction is pressed Be sure locomotive reverse unit is in the On position.
No or intermittent accessory operation Check for loose, shorted, or improper wiring connections.
Locomotive runs slowly or lights dim at far end of track
On larger layouts, additional track resistance may cause a voltage drop. Attach additional lockons to the remote portion of your track.
Intermittent operation with constant circuit breaker tripping Type BW capacity may have been exceeded. Disconnect accessories one at a time until problem ceases. Check for track short circuits.
Bell button blows whistle Check track wire connections. At terminal strip, center terminal strip connections are common and should be connected to common rail.