TMCC SC-2 Switch Controller
Allows remote radio control of AC loads up to 15 amps! Powered either by the track or a wall pack, the SC-2 is input fused for maximum durability. It has program storage for control of the six programmable outputs capable of managing a combination of switches and accessories (up to six switches or up to twelve accessories). You can even turn power loops and sidings on and off remotely!
(6-22980) $89.95

TMCC Accessory Switch Controller (ASC)
Offering up to 15 amps of power on each output, the awesome TMCC Accessory Switch Controller can operate an amazing eight accessories or four switches and ten routes! It’s time to get rid of all the control buttons on your layout—operate your switches or accessories with your CAB-1 Remote Controller. With the touch of a button on your CAB-1, you can trigger an accessory, switch a track, keep an accessory operating, or turn it off. Accessories and switches from Lionel®, DZ-1000®, GarGraves®, K-Line®, Ross®, Curtis®, DelAir®, Tortise®, Atlas®, NJI® or MTH® are all under your control with the Lionel TMCC Accessory Switch Controller!
(6-14182) $79.95

TMCC Accessory Motor Controller (AMC)
---The TMCC Accessory Motor Controller offers you realistic control of your motorized accessories. With the TMCC Accessory Motor Controller, you can operate accessories like the Log Loader, Saw Mill and Gantry Crane with prototypically accurate speed and direction. You can now set the brightness of accessory lights and achieve dramatic effects on your layout. Each TMCC Accessory Motor Controller will operate up to four motors or four lights. A terrific appendage for operating accessories with realism.
(6-14183) $89.95

TMCC Action Recorder Controller (ARC)
This device allows you to automate your entire layout or just one part. Perform any scenario on your layout using your CAB-1 Remote Controller—move a string of cars to a siding, load a freight car with coal or logs, or even allow another train to pass. The ARC memorizes each CAB-1 command. After you have demonstrated these events, the ARC will repeat these same actions, mimicking every train, switch and accessory action. You have the ability to create two programs, up to one hour each. Watch your layout come to life or interact with your trains and accessories as they perform with robotic precision.
(6-14181) $89.95

TrainMaster Command Set
Everything you need to start running your TrainMaster locomotives can be found in this convenient package. The TrainMaster CAB-1
(6-12868) allows you to walk around your layout while controlling all of your Command Controlled locomotives and accessories. Also included is the TrainMaster Command Base (6-12911) which receives signals from the CAB-1 and communicates with your Command Controlled items. Only one Command Base is required per layout, regardless of how many power blocks you are controlling. It is the perfect way to start enjoying the benefits of Lionel’s revolutionary TrainMaster control system.
(6-12969) $129.95
To run non-Command locomotives romotely, add a TMCC PowerMaster, TPC 300, or TPC 400.
Power supply not included.

Power Adapter Cable
Connects your transformer to the PowerMaster for operating TMCC and non-TMCC equipped
(6-12893) $7.95

Command Base Cable
Connects controllers to the TrainMaster Command Base.
(6-14191) 6 ft. $9.45
(6-14195) 20 ft. $11.95

3-Wire Command Base Cable
Connects the TMCC ARC to the TrainMaster Command Base.
(6-14192) $10.45

Use Command Base Cable 6-14191 or 6-14195 for layouts that do not include a TMCC ARC

Controller to Controller Cable
---Connects the new TrainMaster controllers together.
(6-14193) 1 ft. $3.45
(6-14196) 6 ft. $5.95
(6-14197) 20 ft. $8.95

TMCC TPC Cable Set
Connects parallel PowerHouse transformers to the TPC 300/400, and includes adapter plugs to wire your transformer to the TPC 300/400.
(6-14194) $11.95

How-To Video
Learn everything you need to know about setting up a TrainMaster Command Control system that fits your needs and budget with this easy-to-follow video. Using the core TMCC components that you know and adding our new products, we’ll show how to make the most out of your Lionel train experience.
(6-14187) $14.95

TMCC Accessory Voltage Controller (AVC)
Extend the life of your operating accessories with the TMCC Accessory Voltage Controller. The AVC acts like a multi-tap accessory regulator. Now you can quickly fine tune the voltage of every accessory on your layout with the push of a button on your CAB-1. Your Lionel Operating Milk Car won’t throw milk cans clear across the room ever again. You won’t prematurely blow out bulbs on your lighted accessories. Use any of the 10 one-button preset voltages or create customized settings of your own.
(6-14186) $129.95
Power supply not included

TMCC Direct Lock-on
Use this to connect your PowerHouse transformer directly to the track. Eliminates the need for a PowerMaster if you run only TMCC-equipped locomotives. Provides over-current protection and has an automatic reset. Has selectable current setting between 135 watt and 180 watt PowerMasters.
(6-14178) $39.95