If you are looking for the ultimate in quality, durability and a great price for a ready-to-run train set, you need look no further than Lionel’s premium New York Central Freight Set. Leading the set is a new, highly detailed die-cast steam locomotive that is fully upgradeable to TrainMaster® Command Control. It is coupled with a durable die-cast tender, and boasts an impressive puffing smoke unit and red firebox glow. Three pieces of high quality Lionel rolling stock, all with die-cast trucks, are punctuated with a classic lighted bay window caboose. Running on standard O-31 track and powered by the all-new 80BW 80 watt transformer, this set has unparalleled power and is the ultimate way to begin years and years of railroad excitement.

Set Includes:
Die-cast locomotive and tender, Single dome tank car, Flatcar with trailer, Boxcar, Bay window caboose,
8 pieces of straight and 8 pieces of curved O-31 track, 80BW 80 watt transformer/controller

Command upgradeable die-cast 4-6-4 locomotive and tender, SignalSounds with bell and whistle or digital RailSounds with bell and whistle, synchronized chuffing, crew announcements, brake squeal and steam sounds, Puffing smoke unit, Die-cast trucks, Operating headlight, Back-up light on tender, Red firebox glow
SignalSounds version upgradeable to full RailSounds
Rolling stock features include: Die-cast trucks and operating couplers, Detailed molded bodies and frames, Interior illumination (caboose), Painted bodies
Set length: 64”
(6-21956) SignalSounds Version $399.95
(6-21988) RailSounds Version $449.95


For realism and fun at a great price, the Burlington Steam Freight Set is hard to beat. Featuring a newly tooled die-cast steam locomotive with more detail than those on the market today, this will be the set everyone wants. Real life puffing smoke, operating headlight, detailed spoked drivers, separately applied handrails and authentic RailSounds or SignalSounds make the new locomotive in this set a must have. Pulling classic Lionel rolling stock, upgraded to include die-cast trucks, and an illuminated caboose, you will watch in amazement as the Burlington 4000 makes its way around the tracks. Don’t miss out on this all-new premium starter set!

All-new die-cast steam locomotive with precision can motor, traction tire, operating headlight, puffing smoke unit, separately applied metal handrails and spoked drivers
Tender features stamped metal frame, detailed molded body, die-cast trucks and operating coupler
SignalSounds with bell and whistle or RailSounds with synchronized chuff, digital bell and whistle, brake squeal and crew announcements
Rolling stock features die-cast sprung trucks (caboose trucks are die-cast), detailed molded bodies and frames, metal brake wheels and handrails (tank car) and interior illumination in caboose
All-new 80BW 80-watt transformer/controller
8 pieces of straight and 8 pieces of curved O-27 track
(6-21975) SignalSounds Version $299.95
(6-21989) RailSounds Version $349.95