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2010 Signature Edition and Ready-to-Run catalogs

Lionel 2010 Volume 1 Print Corrections

The following is a list of corrections to the printed Lionel 2010 Volume 1 Catalog.

Classic Line/ Postwar Scale

  • Postwar Scale Virginian FM TrainMaster #2331 (6-34581). Minimum curve is O-36. (page 18)

Classic Line/ Standard O Scale

  • HHP-8 Electric Locomotive (6-38402). Minimum curve is O-36; Length is 15 ½". (page 38)
  • Penn Central 3-Bay Hopper (6-27424). Car type is a 3-Bay Hopper, not a PS-2. (page 52) 

Classic Line/ Premium Traditional Sets

  • Great Northern Railway Empire Freight Express with Whistle Steam (6-31799). Correct price is $429.99. (page 64)

Classic Line/ Conventional Classics

  • No. 1619W Santa Fe Alco Freight Set (6-38342). Alco A-units do not have die-cast metal truck side frames. (page 72) 


  • Lighted Coaling Tower (6-37912). Correct price is $179.99. (page 102)
  • Legacy Hotel (6-16847). This product has been dropped. (page 105)
  • Barrel Shed. Correct product number is 6-16881. (page 106)
  • Operating Sawmill (6-37919). Reference to sound in introduction is not correct. No sound. (page 110) 


  • 45-Degree Crossover (6-12051). Correct price is $23.99. (page 125)
  • 42" Path Remote-Control Switch (6-65168). Correct price is $71.99. (page 128)

K-Line by Lionel

  • PRR K-4 (6-22402). This item has been dropped. (page 146)


Image Corrections

Classic Line/ Standard O Scale

  • WP Gondola in the Feather Route Freight Car 3-Pack (6-31796). Prototypical red-orange triangle added to side corner. (page 41)
  • Santa Fe Warbonnet AC6000 (6-28339). Red radiator wing on roof updated to silver. (page 48)
  • Penn Central 3-Bay Hopper (6-27424). Body changed from green to black. (page 53) 

Classic Line/ LionMaster

  • U.P. Big Boy (6-11208). Detailing under deck revised. (page 57)

Classic Line/ Traditional

  • CSX Gondola in the CSX Freight 2-Pack #1 (6-11166). Car does not include load insert. (page 90)
  • B&O Quad Hopper in the CSX Freight 2-Pack #2 (6-27431). Car has a covered roof with opening hatches, and no coal load. (page 91)

Product Video: Accessories

This year, you will see the most detailed accessories we've ever offered. Lionel is making an aggressive new commitment to giving operators highly realistic operating and non-operating accessories to enhance any layout.

Click the "Download" link below to view our video highlighting some of the accessories from our 2010 Signature Edition catalog.