Lionel VISION Line

30k Gallon Ethanol Tank

Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re hearing a real freight train pass byIn the last decade, growing public and government support for Ethanol as an alternative fuel source has created the need for an expanded fleet of modern tank cars to haul millions of gallons of Ethanol from the corn-belt Midwest to high-consumption areas across the country. The most common tank car used for ethanol transportation today is the AAR-classified “T108” model. This nonpressurized, modern tank car has an impressive capacity of 30,000 gallons and is nearly 60’ in length. The ethanol is filled through a fueling hatch and emptied quickly though a bottom drain after it is transported. While primarily used to haul ethanol, these tank cars are also used to transport chemical solvents, beverage grade alcohol, and gasoline. As demand for ethanol increases, 30,000-gallon tank cars are increasingly seen in long unit trains, some nearly a hundred tank cars in length!
Ethanol Tank Car with FreightSounds
Lionel kicks off its Vision rolling stock collection with an all-new 1:48th scale version of the modern 30,000-gallon ethanol tank car. Designed to accompany our Vision Genset Switcher and the General Electric Hybrid locomotives, these tank cars are dressed accurately in off-white and bear the colorful “Eco-Energy” logo. Why are these Vision items?
High-End Metal Details
  • Separately applied end sills, railings, and ladders
  • Fueling hatch on the platform roof opens and closes
  • Wheels come equipped with modern rotating bearing caps
  • Platform features etched metal walkways State-of-the-Art Sound Features
  • VISION tank cars come equipped with Baby FatBoy speakers in two out of the three cars in the set
  • Special Motion detectors work together to create a revolutionary new FreightSounds realism to your train experience. The motion detectors trigger braking, scraping, and bumping sounds as the locomotive picks up speed and slows down. For best effect, spread these cars out among your train consist. ElectroCouplers
  • One ElectroCoupler is present on each of the two FreightSound cars

That’s not all. To enable you to run a realistic, multi-car consist, Lionel also offers a non-Vision version of these handsome tank cars with the same high-end metal details, but without Sound or ElectroCoupler features.
  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Rotating bearing caps
  • Die-cast metal end sills
  • Metal ladders, safety rails, steps, railings
  • Metal platform with etched metal walkways
  • Opening fueling hatch cover on roof platform
  • Unique, non-consecutive road numbers on each tank car
  • Minimum Curve: O-31
  • Length: Single car approx. 15”

6-27410 VISIO N Ethanol Tank Car With FreightSounds
3-Pack $269.99 6-27411 Regular Ethanol Tank Car 3-Pack $209.99

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