Lionel VISION Line

GE Evolution Hybrid

"How do you make a 4,400-horsepower locomotive more environmentally conscious?" With pure Ecomagination!General Electric ES 44AC Evolution Hyb rid The second diesel locomotive in our VISION Line “Green Fleet” is the distinctive and innovative General Electric ES44AC Evolution Hybrid, offered in O-gauge commercially for the first time ever. Numbered 2010 and painted in a stunning green and light-blue scheme, this striking, one-of-akind Hybrid locomotive brings a modern ecological touch to any layout. Uncompromising in detail, accuracy, realism, and operation, Lionel’s scale GE Evolution Hybrid is painstakingly designed to replicate the look and performance of its “real life” counterpart. General Background
After years of research and development, General Electric introduced its Evolution™ Series locomotives in 2005, the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient, and environmentally compatible diesel locomotives in history. Several years later, they developed a hybrid version–the ES44AC Evolution Hybrid–a one-of-a-kind prototype that General Electric’s “Ecomagination” team is using for critical testing and analysis to improve the operation and energy-efficiency of the Evolution Series.
How does it work? General Electric’s Evolution Hybrid captures the energy dissipated during braking and stores it in a series of sophisticated batteries visible on the side of the locomotive. That battery-stored energy then provides an additional 2,000 horsepower to the locomotive, thus increasing engine power while reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Spectacular Lighting Features!
  • Prototypical battery “charging lights” flash in motion along sides of locomotive
  • Enhanced realistic lighting in cab interior
  • Directional lighting including dual LED headlights on front and rear
  • Oscillating ditch lights on front
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Ground lights on sides Unparalleled Detailing!

Unparalleled Detailing!
The die-cast metal GE Evolution Hybrid has an unprecedented level of body detailing and accurate, separately applied parts. Just look at all the special features:
  • Opening compartment doors reveal hidden details
  • Realistic, separately applied radiator vents
  • Operating radiator fans
  • Decorated cab interior with enhanced panel detail
  • Die-cast metal body
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot, and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
Enhanced Sound Features!
LEGACY RailSounds sound system synchronizes realistic sounds to nearly all aspects of locomotive operation, features, and effects. Just look at how many ways you can enhance the sound experience:
  • Independently adjustable volume control allows you to use the Remote Controller to lower the level of background effects (such as RP M levels) while keeping operator controlled effects (such as the horn) at full volume.
  • Five official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
  • Eight diesel RP M levels
  • TruRail Dialog – Activate our upgraded dialog features, which boast realistic dialog scenes and the most authentic railroad terminology possible. Also, dialog scenes can change with engine operation and user control
  • TruRail Signals – Activate the “quilling” horn and userplayable bell featuring continuous or single strike sounds with variable intensity. There’s a dedicated CAB-2 control for both horn and bell functions.

Plus all the high-end features you’ve come to expect from Lionel:
  • LEGACY Control System – You can run the engine in LEGACY Control mode, in TrainMaster Command Control mode, or in Conventional mode with a standard transformer
  • Odyssey II Speed Control with ON/OFF switch
  • Two high-torque motors with momentum flywheel
  • Front and rear ElectroCouplers
  • Traction tires
  • Fan-driven smoke unit
  • Adjustable smoke output

Packaged in environmentally friendly materials
6-28306 $999.99

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