About TMCC IDs

Each remotely-controllable device on your model train layout needs a unique identifier. This “TMCC ID” is a number from 1-99 (TMCC is short for TrainMaster Command Control). There are separate sets of IDs for different types of devices, such as engines and switches. For example, you can have an engine with TMCC ID 17 and a switch with TMCC ID 17. The system recognizes that ENGINE 17 is different from SWITCH 17.

You must set the TMCC IDs of each physical device, like a switch or locomotive, by following the instructions that came with that product’s user’s guide. Similarly, when configuring LCS App, there will be times when you must set a TMCC ID of an on-screen icon. Please understand that setting this ID simply associates a screen object with the EXISTING TMCC ID of a physical device on your layout. It’s up to you to match the TMCC ID of the on-screen object with that of the physical device. If you don’t, LCS App won’t be able to control the physical device.

Note! Except where otherwise noted, LCS App cannot set or modify the TMCC ID of a device on your layout. Refer to the User’s Guide of individual products for details on setting or changing that devices TMCC ID.