Accessory Configuration, Culvert Unloader

This help page will teach you to complete the configuration of your placeholder accessory icon so you can use it to operate a command-controlled Culvert Unloader.

You are going to turn this: ACC_Generic into this: ACC_Culvert_Unloader


Before following these instructions, you should have positioned a placeholder accessory icon on a custom control panel, following these directions. The placeholder icon should be selected. It’s TMCC ID should be set to match that of your accessory. Your screen should resemble the image shown below:
Accessory02 Placed Selected

To finish configuring your Culvert Unloader Accessory

  • Tap the Gear/Configuration icon. The Accessory Configuration panel appears.
  • Touch the photo of the default Gantry crane and swipe until the Culvert Unloader appears.
Accessory07 type Culvert unLoad
  • Tap anywhere outside the Accessory Configuration panel to close it.

To complete the configuration process:
  • Tap the Save button on the upper-right portion of the screen.

Your newly added icon is configured and ready for use! Tap the icon to view its controls, refer to the Accessory Operation help section for more information.