Command Accessory Setup

This help page will teach you to add an Accessory icon that operates a corresponding command-controlled accessory on your layout.


You will need a supported command controlled accessory (see list below) installed on your layout. You also need the TMCC ID of that Accessory. Refer to its owner’s guide if you need additional help. Finally, in order to operate TMCC command-controlled accessories, your layout must include a Lionel Command Base (LEGACY Base or Base-1L).

The supported command-controlled accessories are:
  • Gantry Crane
  • Log Loader
  • Culvert Loader
  • Culvert Unloader
  • Smoke Fluid Loader

If you have a non-command controlled accessory connected to an ASC2, or a command controlled accessory not on the above list, please refer to the help section for Accessory (Conventional) Setup.

To place and configure an Accessory icon

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view
  • Tap the EDIT button

Accessory 1

  • Drag the placeholder accessory icon to the desired position on the custom control panel as shown above.
  • Release your touch. The icon is positioned and remains selected, as shown below.
Accessory02 Placed Selected
  • Set the TMCC ID to match that of your physical accessory. TMCC ID #1 is shown above.
  • Now it’s time to set the accessory type.

To continue configuring your accessory icon, click one of the following:

Gantry Crane Configuration
Log Loader Configuration
Culvert Loader Configuration
Culvert Unloader Configuration
Smoke Fluid Loader Configuration