Block Power Setup

This help page will teach you to add an Block Power icon that operates a track-power block controller, such as an LCS BPC2 on your layout.


You will need a working LCS BPC2 installed on your layout to successfully complete this operation. You’ll also need its TMCC ID. Refer to your BPC2 user’s guide for more info.

Hint: Make sure you can control your track power blocks from your Lionel CAB remote before you try to run them from LCS App.

Configuring Block Power control takes four steps:
  1. Place the block power icon on a custom control panel.
  2. Set the TMCC ID of the physical controller’s relay you wish to switch from LCS App.
  3. Choose the address type (Track or Accessory).
  4. Assign track pieces to the block. Assigned track pieces will dim and brighten when you tap the block power control icon in the operating screen.

To place and configure a Block Power icon

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view
  • Tap the EDIT button
  • Open the Track Pieces dock and select the Block Power bulb icon, scrolling to reveal it if necessary.
  • Drag it to the desired position on the custom control panel.

Block 1
  • The Block Power icon will be placed on the layout and is selected. The default TMCC ID of 1 has been updated to ID #4, as shown below.

Block 2

  • Your LCS BPC2 has a “base” or “starting” TMCC ID. If the BPC2’s Base ID is set to “4,” relay 1 will be controlled by TMCC ID4, relay #2 will be controlled by TMCC ID 5, and so on.
  • Next, configure the address type (Track or Accessory) by tapping the Gear/Config button (see above).
  • A configuration screen will appear (see below)

BlockPower Control Type, Swipe

Change the control type by swiping across the BPC2 photograph.
Choose BPC2, Track addressing if your BPC2 is set to Track mode.
Choose BPC2, Accessory addressing if your BPC2 is set to Accessory mode.
Choose TMCC if your club layout has custom-built TMCC block power hardware.
To attach a text label to your Block Power icon, tap into the “Control Name” field above. A keyboard will appear, enter a descriptive name like “short siding.”

To assign track pieces to a Block Power icon

This is an optional step, but when complete, whole sections of track on your operating screen will dim when its track power has been switched off.
  • Select the Block Power icon. Its base will highlight in Blue.
  • Touch one or more track pieces. Notice they turn orange.
  • Click Save to preserve your work and return to the operating screen.

Your newly added icon is configured and ready for use! In the operating screen, tap the track power icon. The bulb should dim or illuminate, the assigned track pieces (if any) will dim or highlight and the relay controlling power to that section of your track should toggle on and off. See the two examples below.

All power blocks turned on:

Track power off for sidings one and three: