Edit Screen Basics

This help section will teach you the basics of using the Edit Screen. You’ll learn to place, select, move, connect, rotate and delete straight and curved track pieces within a Custom Control Panel. LCS App is not intended to be a track planning tool. It’s not necessary (and in some cases not possible) to create an exact copy of your layout. Instead, create a basic representation of your entire layout, or alternately, individual sections, each on their own Custom Control Panel.

Note: To create a whole new blank Custom Control Panel, return to operating mode and swipe one finger from the center of the display from right-to-left. A new, blank Custom Control Panel is always available as the right-most “last” panel. Navigate to the blank last panel using Operating mode and tap the button labeled “Make My Own” to enter Edit mode.

Straights and Curves

There are two basic straight track sections, a full-length and a half-length piece. It’s OK to overlap track pieces, for example, to create a 45 or 90 degree crossover.

Straight_5_normal Straight_10_normal

There are two different radius curved pieces, a 45 degree curve and a 22.5 degree curve:
Curve_O36_normal Curve_O72_normal

Let’s add some track pieces. To begin, enter Edit Mode.

To Enter Edit Mode

  • Be sure you are in Operating, not Roster, mode. If you’re starting a brand new layout, your one-and-only empty custom control panel is in view. Otherwise, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view.
  • Tap the EDIT button, found on the upper-right portion of the Operating Screen display.


To add a track piece

  • Tap the orange “Track” button (shown above). It’s in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Touch and hold your finger down over a track piece, such as the full-length straight. The yellow dot indicates the first touch of your finger.
  • Now, taking care not to lift your finger from the screen, drag in the direction of the arrow as shown.

Edit main 1 straight dragged

  • Release your touch to drop the track piece.
  • Notice it has a blue highlight indicating it is selected. Selected pieces can be moved, rotated or deleted.
  • You may de-select a track piece by tapping an empty spot or selecting a different track piece.
  • Only one piece can be selected at a time.

To Select and Move a Track Piece

  • While in Edit mode, tap a track piece you’ve previously placed. It will turn blue, indicating it is selected.
  • Touch and drag the piece to a new location, releasing your finger when done.
  • Although not necessary, you can de-select the track piece by tapping a empty spot or another track piece. Only one piece can be selected at a time.

To Connect two Track Pieces

  • With the Track Pieces Dock still open, touch and drag a curved piece towards the straight piece as shown below:

Edit main 2 curve dragged
  • When the ends of the two pieces are very close to each other, the new piece will automatically snap into alignment with the first.
  • If you are satisfied with its position, release your finger. The new track piece will be aligned to the old as shown:

Ebasics 3- Curve snapped in place CU

Note: Sometimes a piece snaps to an un-intended orientation. If this happens, move it away, drop it and rotate it towards your desired orientation (described below). Then try snapping it into position again.

Track Piece Settings

When a track piece is selected, the Track Piece Setting window appears at the top of the screen, replacing the Custom Control Panel name. Depending on the type of piece currently selected, some of the Settings may be unavailable.

Track Piece Settings

Disabling Snap

You can disable the snapping behavior of track pieces by tapping the Snap button (shown below). Sometimes disabling Snap is helpful when you are trying to align pieces to better approximate the shape or angle of your physical layout, but the LCS App’s automatic snapping behavior is making it difficult to achieve your desired result.


When Snap is turned off, red and green alignment lines will extended from the currently selected track piece as a visual aid.

Snap OFF alignment lines

To Rotate a Track Piece

  • While in Edit mode, tap a track piece. It will turn blue, indicating it is selected.
  • Press the clockwise or counter-clockwise buttons at the top of the Edit window (shown below). With each tap, the selected piece will rotate 1/8th of a turn.

But2c_RotateCCW But2c_RotateCW

There are two other ways to rotate a selected track piece:
  1. Tap a selected piece again. Notice that it rotates clockwise 1/8th of a turn. Tap once more and it rotates another increment.
  2. You can also rotate a selected piece using a two-finger touch-and-rotate gesture (either clockwise or counter-clockwise).

To Delete a Track Piece

  • Select a track piece. Only one track piece can be selected at a time.
  • Tap the “Del” button (shown below). It can be found at the top center-right of the Edit screen.


To Exit Edit mode and Save Your Work

  • To complete any Edit screen operation and save your changes, tap the Save button shown below. You’ll find it on the upper-right portion of the screen.


To Exit Edit mode Without Saving Changes

  • To terminate any Edit screen operation and discard all changes, tap the Cancel button shown below. You’ll find it on the upper-right portion of the screen.