SensorTrack™ Setup

This help page will teach you to add an SensorTrack icon that works with a corresponding SensorTack on your layout.

The SensorTrack icon is a half-length straight piece, as shown below:

Straight_5_Sensor_normal old

Note the red and green dots on the graphic above. These correspond to the red and green LEDs and switches on the physical SensorTrack piece. It is important that these LEDs are on the same side in your custom control panel as they are on your layout. Rotate the SensorTrack icon to match your layout as required.


You will need a working SensorTrack installed on your layout to successfully complete this operation. You need to know the TMCC ID you assigned to your SensorTrack.

To place and configure an SensorTrack Track icon

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view
  • Tap the EDIT button
  • Open the Track Pieces dock and select the SensorTrack icon, scrolling across as necessary.
  • Drag the SensorTrack icon (see below) to the desired position on the custom control panel and release.
  • Set the TMCC ID of the SensorTrack icon (see below) to match that assigned to the physical SensorTrack on your layout.
  • To complete this operation, tap the Save button on the upper-right portion of the screen.


Your newly added SensorTrack track icon is is ready for use! Roll a compatible locomotive over the SensorTrack on your layout. A pop-up will appear on your iPad showing engine type, road name, number and direction of travel. If no information appears, double-check that the physical SensorTrack’s TMCC ID matches that of your SensorTrack icon. If the direction of travel arrow appears to be backwards, rotate the SensorTrack icon 180 degrees.

SensorTrack has additional features which can be accessed from your Lionel CAB remote. See your SensorTrack Owner’s Manual for details.