Reverse Switching Colors

Lionel LCS color-codes switches so you can see their position at a glance, as shown below.

red for out...
and green for thru.

These colors will match any lights on your physical track piece or manual switch lever controls. However, some users may prefer to have all switch positions appear the same color when, for example, the mainline route is active, even if a mix of thru and out positions are used. The illustration below shows a simple layout with three switches set so that your train runs around the longer, outer loop.

Green Line Demo 1

This route requires Switch #3 to be set “out” is therefore shown as red. Let’s reverse the switching colors of just switch #3, so it also is green when the mainline loop is active.
  • Go into Edit mode.
  • Select the switch who’s color you want to reverse
  • touch the gear icon
Depending on wether this is a TMCC or ASC2 controlled switch, your screen may vary. But in either case, there will be a Reverse Switching Colors control.

Green Line Demo 2

  • Tap the Reverse Switching Colors slider to make it turn green as shown below.

Green Line Demo 3

  • Now tap Save to return to the Operating Screen.
That’s it! Now when switch 3 is in the out position, it will be green on your iPad display.

Green Line Demo 4

Note that the physical lights on your switch and/or manual switch lever control will not be changed--these will still show green for thru and red for out.