Track Switch (aka Turnout) Setup

This help page will teach you to add a Track Switch icon that operates a TMCC command controlled switch on your layout. There are six different track switch icons; left-hand, right-hand and “wye” switches with 45-degree and 22.5 degree curve radiuses. LCS App is not intended to be a track planning tool. Use the elements provided to create a symbolic, rather than literal representation of your layout.

45 degree Track Switches:
Switch_O36R_CL Switch_O36L_CL

22.5 degree Track Switches:
Switch_O72R_CL Switch_O72L_CL

45 and 22.5 degree track “wye” switches:
track Wye Pieces


You will need a working TMCC command controlled switch or a switch controller like an ASC installed on your layout to successfully complete this operation. You’ll also need the TMCC ID of your TMCC command controlled switch. Refer to its owner’s guide if you need additional help.Hint: Make sure you can control the track switch from your Lionel CAB remote before you try to run it from LCS App.

If your LCS installation includes an ASC2 module, place one or more track switch icons onto a Custom Control Panel following the instructions below, then click here for additional ASC2-specific configuration information.

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view
  • Tap the EDIT button

To place and configure a Track Switch icon

  • Open the Track Pieces dock and select one of the Track Switch icons, scrolling to reveal them if necessary.
  • Drag it to the desired position on the custom control panel as shown below.
Edit switch 1
  • Release your touch. The switch is placed and remains selected. Notice that the Track Piece Settings have changed to show the TMCC ID of the selected Switch. By default, a newly placed object is assigned TMCC ID #1.

Edit switch 2
  • To complete this operation, tap the Save button on the upper-right portion of the screen.

If your LCS installation includes an ASC2 module, click here for additional ASC2-specific configuration information.

Your Track Switch icon is configured and ready for use! Simply tap a switch while in the Operating screen to operate it. For an example, click here.

Reverse Switching Colors

Reverse Switching Colors
To change the color of a switch in thru or out position (green vs. red), click here.