Uncoupling Track Setup

This help page will teach you to add an Uncoupling Track icon that operates an LCS ASC2 or other Uncoupling Track Controller on your layout.

The uncoupling icon is a half-length straight piece, as shown below:



You will need a working Uncoupling Track Controller such as an LCS ASC2 installed on your layout to successfully complete this operation. You need to know the TMCC ID of your Uncoupling Track Controller. The LCS ASC2 uses a single “Base” TMCC ID for all connected uncoupling tracks plus a “sub-address” (numbered from 1-8) to uniquely identify. If your physical track piece is attached to relay #3 on your ASC2, its sub-address will also be 3. Refer to the ASC2 owner’s guide for additional information.

Hint: Make sure you can control the uncoupling track from your Lionel CAB remote before you try to run it from LCS App.

To place and configure an Uncoupling Track icon

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view
  • Tap the EDIT button
  • Open the Track Pieces dock and select the Uncoupling Track icon, scrolling across as necessary.
  • Drag the Uncoupling Track icon to the desired position on the custom control panel and release:
Uncouple 1
  • It will be selected, showing the default Base TMCC ID 1:
Uncouple 2

  • Change the Base TMCC ID (“2” in this example), then hit the Gear/Config icon to set the sub-address.

Uncouple 3

  • The Gear button brings up the sub-address setting. Tap the digit to set the value from 1 to 8.
Uncoupling ID2 sub Add
  • To complete this operation, tap the Save button on the upper-right portion of the screen.

Your newly added uncoupling track icon is configured to base address 2, subaddress 1. It is ready for use! Simply tap a uncoupling track while in the Operating screen to operate it. For an example, click here.