Adding Labels to a Custom Control Panel

You may annotate any Custom Control Panel with one or more text labels. These labels have no operational function, they are simply used to help you or other users operate your LCS App installation.

To add a label:

  • Tap the EDIT button
  • Open the Track Pieces dock and touch the Label icon, scrolling across as necessary.
  • Drag the Label icon to the desired position on the custom control panel and release. The text label will initially read “New Label.” Note that labels can be rotated, moved and deleted like any other object placed on a Custom Control Panel.
  • With the “New Label” still selected (blue) tap the Configure/Gear Icon.
  • This brings up the Label Editing Controls. Enter your label name and adjust its text color and style.
  • Once your text options are set, simply tap anywhere outside the Label Editing Control area to close them.
  • Hit Save to complete the operation and return to the Operating Screen.