Locomotive Operation

This help page will teach you to use LCS App to operate locomotives on your layout.


In order to operate TMCC and LEGACY locomotives, your layout must also include a Lionel Command Base (LEGACY Base or Base-1L).

To Operate a Locomotive

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view.
  • Open the Throttle Control Panel by tapping the orange Lionel throttle icon in the lower-right corner of the OPERATING screen.


The Throttle Panel includes the following controls, from left to right:
  • Engine/Train button (tap to toggle)
  • TMCC ID number (tap either digit to change)
  • Road/Yard throttle option (see below)
  • DIR button to change direction (for Road Throttle mode)
  • Rear and Front Couplers

To close the Throttle Panel, tap the orange Lionel Throttle icon again.

  • To run a locomotive, first make sure your Engine/Train and TMCC ID numbers are set correctly. Tap the “tens” and “ones” digits to match the ID of your locomotive.
  • In ROAD mode, the throttle slider corresponds to your track speed touch the vertical speed bar and drag it left (slower) or right (faster).
  • Release the vertical bar when your locomotive is at the desired speed.


Sound Operation

To play sounds from a locomotive using the LCS App, open the Sound Panel by tapping the orange loudspeaker icon in the lower far-right corner of the OPERATING screen.


To close the Sound Panel, tap the orange loudspeaker icon again.