Track Switch (aka “Turnout”) Operation

This help page will teach you to operate a Turnout icon that operates a track switch on your layout.


Remember that switch icons must have been properly configured before you can run them from LCS App! Next, navigate to your desired custom control panel. Track switch icons show their last commanded position using a green line or red line as shown below:

Above is a narrow-radius switch in the “out” position.

And here’s a wide-radius switch in the “thru” position.

To Operate your Track Switch icon

  • From the Operating Screen, swipe left or right until the desired custom control panel is in view.
  • Tap any visible Track Switch icon.
  • The icon, as well as the corresponding physical Track Switch on your layout will toggle between thru and out on each subsequent tap.

If the corresponding Track Switch on your layout does not operate after two taps, re-check your WiFi configuration and the Track Switch Icon configuration.

Note that it is possible for the displayed position of a Track Switch and its current physical location to get out of sync. This can happen when a non-derailing switch throws itself when a train enters from a reverse direction. Switches can also be thrown manually. To re-synchronize the physical position and the on-screen icon, just tap the Track Switch icon twice.

To keep the displayed switch positions accurate at all times, add a 6-82728 LCS STM2 module to your layout.

Reverse Switching Colors

Reverse Switching Colors
To change the color of a switch in thru or out position (green vs. red), click here.