Sharing Custom Control Panels

You may share Custom Control Panels with other users. This other user’s iPad must also be running LCS App (version 3.1 or greater) and both of you must be connected to the same WiFi network. This network can be created by the LCS WiFi module in Access Point mode or Join To Network mode. Or you can both be connected to your home or work WiFi network without an LCS WiFi module present.

Sharing How-To:

There are two people in this party; the person who has made an awesome control panel (let’s call them the “Sender”) and the person who wants a copy. We’ll call this person the “Receiver.” If there are multiple people who all want the same control panel, multiple “Receivers” can all follow the steps below at the same time. However, there can only be one active Sender on the WiFi network at a time.

Be sure to follow the steps in the order shown below.

1) Receiver must be in the Operating mode (not Edit).
2) Receiver swipes to the right-most, last page and sees this:

1 make your own or

3) Receiver taps “Another User’s” button and sees this:

2 waiting

Now it is up to the Sender to choose the control panel and share it.

4) Sender must be in the Operating mode (not Edit).
5) Sender swipes to the custom control panel they wish share
6) Sender touches the LCS Logo in the upper left corner of their screen, as shown:

5 Tap the LCS button

7) The Receiver sees a new message:

3 recieved

8) Tap the Save button and the new Control Panel appears, ready to use!

4 blu mtn

Repeat the entire process to share additional custom control panels.