Using LCS App and your iPad on Multiple Layouts

You may use your iPad and LCS App on more than one layout, for example a home layout and a club layout. In this case, the Roster view requires some thoughtful management for best results. Example: You have your LCS app set up on your home layout and your Roster screen matches the engines used on that layout. When you visit a different layout, that Legacy command base contains an entirely different list of engines.

LCS App recognizes that the command base has a different name than the last one used, and displays three options. You must choose one to proceed:

Clear local data and read base
If you haven’t been modifying any engine details, this is the safest choice. LCS App will discard all your existing engine information and replace it with the info from the layout you are visiting. When you return to your main layout, you’d probably want to choose this option again.

Merge local data and base data
Combine the engine information from the layout you are visiting and merge it with the data from your main layout. This means your roster page will include ALL engines from BOTH layouts. If you edit any engine detail and save the results, the combined list of engines will be uploaded to whichever command base is connected. Think about this before you do it!

Keep local data and don’t read base
Use this choice if you have un-saved changes to engine details you don’t want to lose, or if you simply don’t want to see Roster information from the layout you are visiting.

TMCC ID Conflicts between two layouts

When selecting “Merge local data and base data” is selected, it is possible that the same TMCC ID is in use on each layout—but for an entirely different locomotive. In this case, the conflicting record will appear highlighted in yellow, as shown:

discrepency record crop

To resolve the conflict, you’ll choose which version you want to keep--the one stored locally in your copy of LCS App, or the record from the currently connected Legacy command base. Tap the yellow-highlighted locomotive and the following screen appears:

Conflict Resolution

All details of both records are shown. Tap Keep Base Record or Replace with Local Record. This updates your local Roster info in your copy of LCS App, if you Update or Save Changes to the connected Base, the shared Legacy Base information will be modified to match your LCS App settings.