The Roster Screen

In order to make full use of the Roster Screen, your layout must include a Legacy Command Base.


Clicking on the Roster button (visible while in Operating Mode) opens that screen. To leave the Roster Screen, tap the “Track View” button in the upper left corner of the screen.

When you open the roster, data for every engine stored in your Legacy Base is copied to the LCS App and displayed. This info includes the type of locomotive, its road name, number, control type and CAB2 touch-screen icon settings.

Roster view simple

Your Roster display will list engines currently stored in your Legacy Command Base. Engines can be sorted By “Loco Class” as shown above, or you can tap the “By TMCC ID” button on the lower-right of the screen to sort numerically by ID. In either case, touching an item from the list brings up a detailed view of that item. In this Engine Detail screen, you can add your own photo, change road name or number and modify other engine options. Before you do this, please read the following section.

Permanently Saving Changes to your Legacy Base

A change made within the LCS App is not automatically written to your Legacy Command Base. In order for your changes to be reflected on all other CAB2 remotes and LCS-compatible devices, You must direct LCS App to save these changes to the currently connected Legacy Command Base.

The “Upload” button modifies the information in your command base to match what you see on the LCS App Roster screen. In addition, if you leave the Roster by hitting “Track View” with unsaved changes, you’ll get a warning message:

Stored Data Changed-Save to base

Choose YES to permanently save your changes in the connected Legacy Command Base. Choose NO to discard changes, leading the info in the command base unchanged.

Protecting Your Legacy Command Base information

It is strongly recommended that you download Lionel’s free Windows software program “Legacy System Utility” (LSU) from Use LCS to create a backup of your Legacy Command Base’s information before you or any other operator on your layout begins experimenting with changing the engine roster. In particular, clearing engine records followed by the “Upload” button will permanently remove information in your Command Base. This would affect not just your copy of LCS App, but each and every CAB2 in use on the layout. These deletions are not “undo-able.” Using LSU to make occasional backups of your Command Base is the best way to protect against this sort of mishap by you—or by other operators on your layout!

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