To Modify LCS App Settings

  • Go to the home screen if your iPad.
  • Tap the Setting Control Panel icon.
  • In the narrow left-hand column, scroll down until you see Lionel LCS in the list of installed applications
  • Touch Lionel LCS to view it’s Settings.
Settings 2
  • The App version and revision date are informational and cannot be changed.
  • Speed Slider Update Rate (see below) may be adjusted.
Settings command speed

Command Receive Speed refers to LCS App’s communication with your Wireless Network and the LCS WiFi module. In most cases, the default setting of 0.5 seconds is appropriate. However, you may experiment with slower values if you suspect your wireless network is especially slow or busy. This is more likely in cases where the LCS WiFi has been set to “Join to Network” mode. See your LCS WiFi manual for additional information.

Help System Revision

LCS App help system v3.2