WiFi Connection

WiFi Line drawing 1.25 wide
LCS App must be connected to an LCS WiFi module to operate your layout. If this connection is not made, you’ll see a red “broken link” icon, like this:


First, your iPad must be connected to the wireless network created by your Lionel LCS WiFi module.
  • Go to your iPad’s Settings App and choose view your current General settings.
  • Click on Network.
  • Under WiFi, be sure you are connected to the network that includes the LCS WiFi module. If your LCS WiFi Access Point/Join Network switch is set to “Access Point,” choose the network name beginning with “Lionel LCS - xxxx.” (Access Point gives the best performance and is preferred.) If your LCS WiFi is in “Join Network” position, connect to the network name of your home or club wireless network.
  • Once the correct wireless network has been selected, return to LCS App
  • Tap “Retry” if asked, or tap the red link icon.

NOTE: If your WiFi network is very busy or slow for some reason, you can change the speed at which LCS App expects commands. See here for more information.

Once you’ve got a connection to the LCS WiFi/ command base, the red link will go green, as shown here:


Staying Connected

If your iPad goes to sleep, you may find it loses the connection to this network upon waking. This is because the iPad will often default to a previously used Network when it wakes up. You can avoid this by keeping your iPad awake (see Settings) or by manually re-connecting to the LCS WiFi’s network, following the steps above.

For additional installation and connection information, consult the LCS WiFi documentation.