The LEGACY Layout Control System (LCS App) is an iOS app that lets you operate your layout using Custom Control Panels you create yourself. You can also copy these Control Panels from another iPad when both iPads are connected to the same WiFi network (this feature requires Lionel LCS App version 3.1 or higher).

Custom Control Panels are a virtual representation of your layout. They can include curved and straight track sections, left and right-hand switches, wye switches, uncoupling tracks and more. Once you’ve created a Custom Control Panel, the LCS App lets you operate your layout in concert with your other Lionel remotes. The LCS App also allows you to modify details of your Lionel engine’s setup and lighting options and include custom photos of your locomotives in the Engine Roster.


WiFi Line drawing 1.25 wide
You will need an LCS WiFi module (6-81325 ) to use LCS App. If your layout includes and Lionel Command Control Locomotives or Accessories, a Lionel Command Base is required. The Command-1L set (6-37147) may be used and the LEGACY Command Set adds additional functionality (6-14295, v1.52 or higher required).


When you open Lionel LCS App for the first time, you’ll be given the option of creating your own custom control panel from scratch, or getting one from another user.

1 make your own or

By touching “Make My Own” you will be presented with a blank screen where you can the EDIT page to create your own custom control panel representing part of all of your layout.

By touching “Another User’s,” you will be able to instantly copy a finished control panel from another user’s iPad. This other user’s iPad must also be running LCS App (version 3.1 or greater) and both of you must be connected to the same WiFi network. Click here to read more about Sharing Custom Control Panels.

Let’s assume you will be making your own “custom control panels” from scratch. Use the EDIT page to create one representing all or part of your layout. A switching yard is a good place to start. Include switches in all the places they exist in your real layout, and assign the same TMCC ID numbers to corresponding switches on your virtual layout. Then do the same for optional uncoupling tracks or block power assignments.

SAVE your Custom Control Panel and you are returned to the OPERATING page. Touch switches and they toggle between turnout and through. Tap an uncoupling track section to fire, or hit the power block control icon and see track section highlight or go dim. To make another Custom Control Panel, just swipe from the Operating Screen to the right and you’ll again be presented with the option to Make My Own or copy Another User’s.

Visit the ROSTER page (Legacy Base required) to see and edit details of each LEGACY Locomotive, including roadname, roadnumber and lighting options.