LCS Partner Program

We at Lionel are very excited by the creative software work being done by the wider model train community. The Legacy Command Protocol is freely available and can be downloaded here. Using this document and an SER2 module, anyone can write code and send both TMCC and LEGACY commands to their train layout. Those who would like to connect to the LCS system via WiFi or directly control the features of LCS products like SensorTrack can request additional, detailed protocol information through the LCS Partner Program.

Today, LCS Partners are helping to grow and enhance the Layout Control System. Each developer brings their own unique perspective to software-based control of your layout. And there’s room for more! Interested individuals, clubs and companies are all welcome. Are you interested? Please send an email and we’ll get back to you with details. Write us at: lcs-dev-support(at) and please replace the (at) with the @ symbol before you send.

LCS Partner Showcase

Read on to learn about LCS Partner products AVAILABLE NOW for iOS, Android and Windows-based personal computers!

High Rail

Written for the Apple iPhone and iPad, High Rail gives you new ways to interact with your Lionel LCS enabled layout. It features extensive control over the LCS SensorTrack (without having to physically press the track’s buttons) and it identifies ALL TYPES of connected LCS devices on your layout. Read on to learn more about this great app:

SensorTrack Recording
High Rail lets you quickly and easily arm your SensorTrack™ to begin a recording—without having to press the physical record button! Once the recording begins, three color-coded indicators let you know how much recording space still remains. Green? Plenty of room left in the recording. Yellow? Your recording is starting to fill up. Red? Almost full! You better wrap up the recording.

recording armed

Set a SensorTrack to record directly from your iOS device (see above). Once recording begins, High Rail shows you how much recording memory space remains using green, yellow and red indicators.

SensorTrack Pre-defined Actions
preset actions
Use High Rail to quickly switch between the predefined recordings without having to press the physical SensorTrack™ program button

LCS Module Discovery
When you launch High Rail, it returns a report showing the type and quantity of each connected LCS device. Tap any listed device for more info.

connected modules
High Rail displays a list of all connected LCS devices

LCS Module Identification
- all Lionel LCS hardware modules can turn on an identification LED
- easily identify any connected module or SensorTrack™ 

High Rail can be purchased on the Apple App store by clicking here.
Then find out more from the developer’s website:,

eTrain Command Console (L)

eTrain Command Console (L) is a new Windows-based software program that works with LCS. Developed by LCS partner Harvy Ackermans, this great new program is loaded with Legacy features for controlling locomotives and building lash-ups, as well as providing specific support for Crane Cars, Station Sounds Diners, Vision Tank Cars and more. It also operates switches and routes. And the program's unique "scenario" feature lets you record a series of commands from any Lionel CAB remote or the eTrain program, then playback these scenarios at any time. eTrain Command Console (L) uses a wired serial-port connection from your Windows PC to the SER2.

The eTrain Command Console (L) has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. A Lionel LCS SER2 (6-81326) with a Lionel LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply (6-81499 ) and either the #990 LEGACY Command Set or the CAB-1L/Base-1L Command Set are required.

Click here for purchasing information and find out more by reading the FAQ and the User’s Guide.

Here are a couple screen shots from this great program:

eTrain Leg Cmds Close-up
Legacy Engine Control Panel (detail)

eTrain command contorl console screenshot

Full Engine Control Panel (click to enlarge)

Also available is the optional companion eTrain Command Mobile, an Android App which works in conjunction with the copy of eTrain Command Console (L) running on your PC. Using this app, you can control TMCC and Legacy engines, switches and accessories wirelessly from your Android phone or tablet. Uses your existing home WiFi network, LCS WiFi not supported (See eTrain Command Console (L) requirements listed above).
Diesel (top) Steam (bottom)

Two screen images from the eTrain Command Mobile companion app for Android


The first available LCS Partner App is “Bluetrain” from industry innovator Bob Krivacic. It’s an Andriod app that connects to LCS WiFi and operates TMCC, Legacy and Vision products. And it can be used simultaneously with any other LCS-compatible smart device or Lionel Cab remote controller.

You can find BlueTrain on Google Play following this link. Here’s a pair of screen shots from this great app:

Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 1