6-81639 LCS Accessory Switch Controller 2 (ASC2)

The LCS ASC2 (Accessory Switch Controller) lets you connect traditional switches, uncoupling and activation tracks, accessories and lighting to your LCS system.
LCS ASC2 module aug 20 2013

The ASC2 can be configured to “switch mode” or two types of “accessory mode” operation. When configured in switch mode, an ASC 2 operates up to four remotely operated switches from Lionel and other manufacturers. The ASC2 has eight Normally Open relays, with four banks of two complementary outputs. One pair of relays will activate the “THRU” position with one set of contacts, and the other set of contacts will activate the “OUT” position. Each relay is rated at 20 amps. The starting TMCC “SW” address (0-96) is user configurable and the next three switches are assigned the three subsequent IDs.

When configured in accessory mode, up to eight lights, uncoupling tracks or basic on/off accessories can be controlled. Accessory mode is configured as 8 normally open relays, split into two banks of four. Each of these two banks has a common terminal feed.

Two addressing schemes are supported in accessory mode. In “single address,” the user sets a single TMCC “ACC” ID (0-99) for all eight relays. In operation, the user selects that ID, then hits numeric keypad 1-8. This will pulse the relay to that numbered-relay for one second, then shut off. This is ideal for uncoupling track activation.

In “eight address” mode, the user sets a starting TMCC ACC ID for the first relay and the remaining seven are assigned subsequent TMCC IDs (up to ID 99 for the last relay). To operate, a given relay is addressed. Then, pressing the AUX1 key activates that relay as long as the key is held. AUX2 toggles the relay on or off, useful for operating lighting.

The ASC2 can be operated from Lionel CAB remotes and/or the LCS App+LCS WiFi. In all operating modes, the ASC2 is connected to the LCS system using an LCS PDI cable. This carries commands as well as power for the ASC2’s control electronics. An additional AC power source is required for relay operation. This external AC can come from your track power or an accessory transformer (sold separately).

One 6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply (not included) is required per LCS installation.

For more information:
ASC2 Owner’s Manual