LCS App for iPad

LCS App on Grand Funk Railroad crop2
The LCS App in action (click for larger image)

LCS App lets you create custom control panels to operate your locomotives and layout. It is a free application for the Apple iPad™ and can be download by following this link. The LCS App requires LCS WiFi to connect to your layout.

Using your Lionel command base and LCS WiFi, use it to run TMCC and LEGACY locomotives, operate wireless command-controlled switches and accessories. Use LCS App also works with the other LCS modules. For example, you’ll receive real-time location updates when compatible locomotives cross over LCS SensorTracks™.

To start using LCS App, you’ll create one or more Custom Control Panels representing your layout. And starting with version 3.1 of this App, you can share your custom control panels with any other iPad connected to the same WiFi network!

Below is an overview of the Edit Screen.

EDIT Screen main callouts

Once you’ve created a custom control panel, you’ll run it using the LCS App’s Operating Screen:

OP Screen callouts
The LCS App main operating screen (click for larger image)

If your layout is large, you can use Pan and Zoom within a single Custom Control Panel, or use multiple Custom Control Panels, each representing a different portion of your layout.

Pan Conceptual
Additional LCS modules are required to operate or track power blocks (BPC2) conventional lighting, operating switches and accessories (ASC2) and wired command accessories (SER2). Please refer to What do I need? and the Example System Diagram to identify the LCS products that best suit your layout and operating style.

The Engine Roster Screen (shown below) is automatically copied from your Legacy Base. The roster can include Legacy, Vision and older TMCC locomotives.

LCS App Screen Shot Roster 06-17-2013

LCS App Screen Shot Roster detail 06-17-2013

Click on a locomotive from the roster and edit road name, number, lighting options and more. You can attach your own photo to any engine in the roster.

Control Accessories
LCS App will run your accessories and includes special control panels for specific Lionel accessories, like the TMCC Gantry Crane shown below.

LCS App Gantry Crane 2

LCS App works with the Base-1L; a Legacy base adds additional features. It is also possible to use LCS App and LCS WiFi in a system without a Lionel command base. This would be appropriate for a layout that exclusively uses conventional locomotives, or one where a different locomotive control system is in use, such as DCC. In this “No Base” configuration, additional LCS modules would be required to operate all switches, lighting, track power blocks or other accessories.

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