6-81325 LCS WiFi Module

With LCS WiFi, you can operate your model railroad using devices such as the Apple iPad, computers, smart phones or other WiFi devices. LCS WiFi works with the LCS App for Apple iPad and iCab which runs on the Apple iPhone.

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LCS Wi-Fi can create its own independent WiFi network or join an existing one. Up to 15 WiFi devices can be connected at once. Need more than 15 simultaneous users? Add a second LCS WiFi to your system! Each connected smart device requires software written specifically for the LCS system. Lionel’s LCS App is available as a free download for the iPad. In addition, Lionel has made the LEGACY & LCS protocol codes available to third party developers.

A Base/No Base switch lets you configure an LCS system without a Lionel command base. Choose this type of installation if you are exclusively running conventional locomotives, but want iPad control over your switches. Or if you are using another type of locomotive control system, such as DCC, but want to be able to use BPC2, ASC2 or other LCS modules to control your layout.

One 6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply (not included) is required per LCS installation.

For more information:
LCS WiFi Installation Video
LCS WiFi Owner’s Manual

The Lionel LCS WiFi Monitor LE program gives you a detailed look into your LCS installation. It can also aid in connecting the LCS WiFi module to your home or club network. Learn about LCS WiFi Monitor LE here.