LCS System Cabling

LCS is a very modular system. Pick and choose the components you need; add more as your layout grows. Each installation requires one 6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply. This cable provides power for the control electronics of each LCS component in your installation.

Pasted Graphic
6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply

The photo below shows the basic hook-up. It includes a Legacy command base, the LCS DB-9 Cable and a single LCS module, such as an LCS WiFi. You can see how one end of the DB-9 connector plugs into your Lionel Command Base and the other end to the first LCS device in your installation.

Hook up photo LEGACY, LCS module
An example LCS system with Legacy base, DB-9 Cable with Power Supply and one LCS module.

When you add a second and subsequent LCS device to your installation, you’ll need additional LCS PDI cables (see below). Each piece of LCS hardware is cabled to the next in a daisy-chain fashion, using these cables, which are available in 1’, 3’, 10’ and 20’ lengths.

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6-81500 -LCS 1’ to 1’ PDI cable
6-81501 - LCS 3’ to 3’ PDI cable
6-81502 - LCS 10’ to 10’ PDI cable
6-81503 - LCS 20’ to 20’ PDI cable