6-82728 LCS Switch Throw Monitor

The LCS Switch Throw Monitor provides accurate information about the position of all connected switches, even if they have been thrown manually or by non-derailing activation. It works with Lionel FasTrack and tubular switches, as well as some models from other manufacturers.

STM2 line art DRAFT
With LCS WiFi and the iPad-based Lionel LCS App, you can see the position of your command controlled track switches at a glance. Green shows “through” and red means “out.” Every command to throw switch positions—from a smart device or a Lionel CAB Remote—also updates the switch position on your LCS App screen, as shown below:

STM2 info graphic 1

Still, a switch can change position without the Lionel LCS App knowing. Someone could move the switch points manually with the flick of the finger. Or a locomotive approaching from the reverse (trailing-point) direction could activate the non-derailing feature of the switch. Then, the physical position of the switch points would be “out of sync” with the Lionel LCS App’s display, as shown below:

STM2 info graphic 2

Enter the LCS Switch Throw Monitor (6-82728). Wired to each switch, the STM2 monitors up to 16 track switches and instantly transmits any change in switch points to all connected LCS-aware Apps. With the STM2 installed on your layout, you’ll always know what your switches are doing!

STM2 info graphic 3

One 6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply (not included) is required per LCS installation.

Example Wiring Diagrams

Following are some wiring examples for the Switch Throw Monitor. As compatibility with switches from other manufacturers is verified, new example diagrams will be added.

STM2 with Command Controlled FasTrack Switch

If your track switches have built-in command control capability, such as the Lionel 6-16827 O-72 FasTrack Command Control Right-Hand Switch, connect one wire from the STM2 module to the RSC Lights terminal on the switch.

STM2 command fastrack switch wiring 2

STM2, ASC2 and a remote operating FasTrack switch

For remote operating switches without build-in command control capability (such as the Lionel 6-12046 FasTrack O36 Remote Switch - Right Hand), use an LCS ASC2 to operate the switch and the STM2 for real-time monitoring of the switches’ position.

STM2 ASC2 fastrack switch wiring

STM2, ASC2 and a remote operating Tubular Track switch

For older style tubular track remote operating switches, use an LCS ASC2 to operate the switch and the STM2 for real-time monitoring of the switches’ position.

STM2 ASC2 Tubular switch wiring

For more information:
STM2 Owner's Manual