iCab photo v1.5
iCab is the new way to run your Lionel TMCC, Legacy and Vision locomotives. It’s an app designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and will also run on an iPad. To use iCab, you’ll need an LCS WiFi module, a Lionel (Base-1L command base (limited operation) or Legacy Base (full functionality) You’ll also need one or more TMCC, Legacy or Vision locomotives.

New Version 2 features include:
  • Train Builder with features from the Legacy CAB2 remote and new graphical interface
  • New engine and train control panels.
  • Accessory control screen
  • Support for Legacy StationSounds Diner cars.
  • "History" menu provides quick access to recently-used engines, trains
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For the full User’s Guide, click here.

The Engine View

iCab2-loco run

The Engine View will be familiar to users of our LEGACY CAB2 hand held remote. The speed graph shows your engine’s current speed and the target speed. Set the target speed simply by touching and dragging with your finger. Below the speed graph are five navigation buttons to jump between engine, train, accessory, switch or route views.

Below the navigation buttons are operating buttons you’ll use to run your trains. Familiar controls, like Bell and Quilling Whistle, Front and Rear Couplers, direction change and Halt are always available in the Engine view. The grid of controls filling the lower-left section of the view can be changed during operation. Swiping left or right reveals a new panel of “Soft Keys,” including the most popular features of the Lionel Legacy Cab Remote. There are also new buttons exclusive to iCab.

Engine Soft Key Views

The Run Soft Keys includes the most commonly used controls for locomotive operation.

ENG soft key run callouts
The Speed Soft Keys give you single-button access to preset speed commands and volume customization.

ENG soft key speed callouts
The Dialog Soft Keys provide descriptive names and direct access to many different scenes.

ENG soft key dialog callouts

The Roster Screen (Legacy base only)

Roster screen

When connected to a Legacy command base, iCab shows you a roster button. When you hit Roster, you can see and select from the name and ID number of all locomotives stored in the LEGACY database. This is the same list visible on your CAB2 hand-held remote. The roster screen can be sorted by TMDD IC number, or by locomotive class.

The Train Builder View

TR Builder 9

iCab 2 includes new Train Builder functionality, previously only available in the Legacy CAB2 hand held remote.

Building a Train allows you to control a group of Engines as one, in a prototypical manner. In a LEGACY Control System Train, dialog, horn and bell are heard only from the head-end unit. Direction changes are accompanied by reversed lighting. Coupler activation will operate the front coupler of the head-end unit or the rear of the last member of the train. The control and sound options of the head-end unit (such as the Soft Key Screens) automatically become the options for the complete train.

The Accessory View

ACC run ac20

iCab 2 has a new Accessory View that will control your Lionel operating accessories, such as a command-controlled Sawmill or command-controlled Gantry Crane. Choose between sending to ENG or ACC addresses from this view. The special Accessory Throttle generates TMCC “relative speed” commands required for accessory features such as crane platform rotation.

iCab Version 1 Video

While the latest version of iCab has additional features, this overview video is still a useful introduction to the App.

iCab thumbnail play button