iCab - Available Now!

iCab is the new way to run your Lionel TMCC, Legacy and Vision locomotives. It’s an app designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and will also run on an iPad.

In order to use iCab, you’ll need the following:
  • An LCS WiFi module
  • A Lionel command base
  • one or more TMCC, Legacy or Vision locomotives

Get iCab from the Apple App Store by clicking here.

Click the video below for an introduction to this exciting new way to run your trains!

iCab thumbnail play button

The iCab app requires LCS WiFi to connect to your layout (up to 15 users can share a single LCS WiFi module at the same time). The iCab App works with the Base-1L; a Legacy base adds additional features.

The Run Screen


The RUN SCREEN will be familiar to users of our LEGACY CAB2 hand held remote. The speed graph shows your engine’s current speed, and the target speed. Set the target speed simply by touching and dragging with your finger. Below the speed graph are four navigation buttons. Use these to switch between control screens.

Next are the navigation buttons are operating buttons you’ll use to run your trains. Familiar controls, like Bell and Quilling Whistle. Front and Rear Couplers, direction change and brake. There’s also a button to reset a locomotive, a lights on/off button and system halt.

The Speed Screen


Pressing the Xpert button opens the door to three more screens: Speed (shown above), Control and Program.

The top six buttons on the speed page correspond to different prototypical railroad speeds. This is a quick way to get your engine traveling at a specific, repeatable speed. Preset speeds are particularly useful when making recordings with LCS SensorTrack. Other Speed page controls include Roll mode, smoke on/off and startup/shutdown keys. Like a CAB2, holding many of these buttons for an extra second triggers dialog along with the action.

The Control Screen


The first six buttons on the control screen are related to sound. Main volume up and down work just just like adjusting the volume knob. Blend up/down makes the background sounds softer, but leaves user triggered sounds, like horn, bell and dialog, louder. Use a combination of both main and blend volume to suit your operating preference.

RPM up and down change the run level of diesel prime movers. On a steam engine, these buttons become Labor up/down. Labor effects the sound character of your locomotive’s chuffing. L M and H set low, medium and high momentum for your locomotive. AUX2 toggles all lighting on and off while CAB lights can be controlled individually.

The Dialog Screen


The Dialog button reveals six individual scenes. A Legacy locomotive has enhanced options and appropriate dialog is always highlighted depending on whether your locomotive is stopped or in motion (shown above). A brand-new “Stop and hold (non-emergency)” scene is included, unlocking a special scene that may already be in your Legacy or Vision locomotive!

The Roster Screen (Legacy base only)


When connected to a Legacy command base, iCab shows you a roster button. When you hit Roster, you can see and select from the name and ID number of all locomotives stored in the LEGACY database. This is the same list visible on your CAB2 hand-held remote. The roster screen can be sorted by TMDD IC number, or by locomotive class.

You can even attach a photo to each engine in the roster, visible when iCab is held horizontally (shown below).
Roster eng photo landscape