iCab App — Coming Soon!

($price TBD) The iCab App is another way to run your trains! Use your Apple iPhone or iTouch device to operate TMCC and LEGACY locomotives. iCab includes the most popular features from our flagship LEGACY CAB2 remote.

iCab and GE2010 crop1

iCab includes core operating features of a Lionel cab remote plus:
  • Speed Graph with target and actual speed
  • Six preset official railroad speeds
  • Quilling Whistle
  • Automatically loads Engine Roster (LEGACY Base required)

The iCab app requires LCS WiFi to connect to your layout (up to 15 users can share a single LCS WiFi module). The iCab App works with the Base-1L; a Legacy base adds additional features.

Click here for LCS Overview video on YouTube