Western Maryland TMCC 3-Truck Shay Locomotive #6

6-11157 | Price: $799.99

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Lights Operating Smoke Unit TrainMaster Command Control RailSounds ElectroCouplers

Serving expanding lumber and coal industries, the Shay became the first locomotive able to penetrate thick forests and backwoods terrain where low speeds and high stability were essential. Western Maryland was one prominent railroads that put its trust in the rugged Shay to move Appalachian coal out of the region. The new Shay locomotive features the famous fireball logo of Western Maryland, and comes equipped with Command Control and the RailSounds sound system

  • Command Control equipped – able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode
  • Speed control
  • RailSounds sounds system with CrewTalk communication and TowerCom announcements
  • DynaChuff synchronized chuffing
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body, frame, and trucks
  • Die-cast metal tender body and trucks with metal frame
  • Separately applied metal details
  • Fan-driven smoke unit with On/Off control
  • ElectroCoupler on front and rear
  • Directional lighting, including operating headlight and backup light
  • Traction tires
  • Firebox glow
  • Engineer and fireman figures

Road Number: 6

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: Length: 15 ½”

RailLine: Western Maryland

Minimum Curve: O-54

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