Ringling Bros.™ 18" Aluminum Large Animal Car

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After World War II, Ringling Bros.® added modern streamlined cars, many originally built for Union Pacific. The 63002 Shop Car and 60012 Pie Car – the circus staff’s diner – were added in 1972; the 40010 Coach in 1987; and the 63006 Large Animal Car in 1994. The Indiana sleeping car, added in 1947, began life as a US Army hospital car.

  • Features:
  • Interior StreamLighting®
  • Vestibules with Opening Doors
  • Extruded Aluminum Body
  • Metal Grab Rails
  • Metal Chassis w/Underside Details
  • 4-Wheel Die Cast Trucks w/Separate Springs
  • Operating Die Cast Couplers
  • Diaphragms Included
  • 0-42 w/Removable Steps for 0-31 Operation

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: 18" Length

RailLine: Ringling Bros.

Minimum Curve: O-31 / O-42 w/steps

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