Smoke Fluid Loader

6-37821 | Price: $249.99

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Motion in operating cars and accessories Lights TrainMaster Command Control

Add smoke fluid to your locomotives without squeezing a bottle!
This amazing new operating accessory allows you to use your Command System to program and operate it. Use the throttle control to rotate the boom into position over your locomotive smoke stack and dispense the proper amount of fluid. Once in position the pump activates with the press of a button on your Cab Remote and smoke fluid flows into the engine giving you hands-free control. Move the boom back and your ready to roll once again.

  • Command Control equipped
  • Dual motors for boom and pump operation
  • Fully programmable with individual ID number from 1-99
  • Regulated nozzle allows user to set the desired level of smoke fluid to be dispensed
  • Large smoke fluid reservoir disguised in fuel tank holds up to __ oz. of smoke fluid

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

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