Wabash Transparent Conventional GP7 Diesel #2339

6-38348 | Price: $289.99

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Lights Sounds Magne-Traction

Clear Classic

With only a handful of transparent cars ever made by Lionel, these new “see-through” cars bring a new perspective to Lionel’s rich heritage. An intriguing collector’s glimpse into the inner workings of Lionel cars, they also make a uniquely handsome consist on your operating layout. 

  • Transformer controlled forward, neutral, and reverse operation
  • Pullmor motor
  • Headlights on both ends
  • Electronic diesel horn and bell
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot, and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
  • Operating couplers
  • Magne-Traction
  • Traction tires
  • Illuminated cab interior

Road Number: 2339

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Length: 14”

RailLine: Wabash

Minimum Curve: O-27

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