Great Northern Steam RailSounds Boxcar

6-48870 | Price: $169.99

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Add realistic sounds to any of your silent steam engines!

These new operating boxcars equipped with RailSounds brings the realistic sounds of a steam locomotive to your consist.

Railsounds is the BEST sound system in the industry, now you can enjoy it with your AF locomotives from ANY generation! Boxcar body creates ideal sound enclosure for great
sound volume and quality!

*Sounds included are medium size steam engine with clasic steam whistle 

  • Die-cast trucks with operating couplers
  • Authentic steam RailSounds
    -Powerful sounds with volume control
    -Steam sounds chuff depending on speed of the train
    -User controlled whistle / horn and bell using whistle and bell buttons on transformer
  • Metal frame
  • 9V battery backup (battery not included) - Install the 9V battery to keep sounds alive when changing direction (or dirty track)

Gauge: American Flyer/S Gauge

Dimensions: Length: 8 3/8”

RailLine: Great Northern

Minimum Curve: S-36

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