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6-ELRR1 | Price: $119.95

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TrainMaster Command Control

Take command of locomotive speed with Cruise Commander, a patented breakthrough in speed control technology. The Cruise Commander provides constant speed and ultra-slow operation of your locomotives, and it's simple to install. While in operation, information about your locomotive's velocity is monitored from the motor directly. If dual-motored, each motor is balanced to the other, synchronizing the motors for smooth and quiet operation. Lash-ups are also possible when locomotives are aligned using the exclusive "nudge" feature.

  • Features :
  • Simple Tach-Less installation and operation
  • High Frequency (20khz) PWM for silent motor operation
  • Operates in command and conventional modes
  • CAB-1 selectable 32 or 100 (default) speed steps
  • Uses R2LC to be fully compliant with TMCC standards
  • Horn pulse to control modern-era and post-war horns/whistles
  • Directly drives LED's lighting without complex "load" resistor wiring
  • On-board micro-controller provides future enhancement capabilities
  • Splice-free connections make installation simple and quick
  • Heat-sink has "PemNut", no more stripped mounting holes!

Dimensions: 2.75" L x 1.25" W x 1.2" H

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