Cruise Commander™ "M"

6-ELRR2 | Price: $89.95

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TrainMaster Command Control

For Modular TMCC locomotives, upgrade your speed control with Cruise Commander “M”. Imagine how many locos without flywheels that can now have cruise functionality! The Cruise Commander “M” replaces the Lionel modular motor driver. It is plug compatible, and a minimal install only requires the addition of a single wire to the serial data for operation.


  • Simple Tach-Less installation and operation
  • High Frequency (20khz) PWM for silent drive
  • Operates in command and conventional modes
  • CAB-1 selectable 32 or 100 (default) speed steps
  • Serial data out for configuration acknowledgment
  • Directly drives LED's lighting without complex "load" resistor wiring
  • LED's lighting features include markers and oscillating ditch lamps
  • On-board micro-controller provides future enhancement capabilities

Dimensions: 2.4" L x 1.63" W x 0.8" H

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