Diesel Sound Commander 2™

6-ELRR3 | Price: $49.95

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   With Sound Commander 2, you get a low cost way to add sound to your locomotives. The Sound Commander 2 has extended conventional mode functionality, including two volume selections. With its small, compact size, it can be installed into many Modern era and Post war locomotives, yet delivers over 1 watt of output power. This sound upgrade kit can operate in conventional mode with horn / bell buttons, or in command mode when interfaced to compliant products.

  • Sound Commander 2 Kit Includes:
  • "Low profile" 2 inch diameter speaker, speaker baffle, mounting supplies, comprehensive installation manual, and connection cables for conventional and command operation.
  • Conventional and Command mode operation
  • Command mode volume control from the CAB-1, 4 levels and mute
  • Conventional mode volume control with jumper or switch
  • Custom sound processor for field upgrades or enhancements
  • Direct connection to the entire Electric Railroad product line
  • Additional Diesel Features :
  • Prime Mover revs with 4 speed levels, 4 volume levels and mute
  • Volume of Prime Mover and Warning Sounds individually settable
  • Monitors 32/100 speed step selections to adjust rev level appropriately
  • Choose one of the following diesel sound sets: GP7/GP9, ALCo, RDC,F3/F7, GG-1
  • Command & Conventional Mode Sounds :
  • Horn / Whistle
  • Bell (diesel or steam)
  • Coupler Clank (activated by Bell button in conventional mode)
  • Air Release (activated by Bell button in conventional mode)
  • Diesel - Prime Mover revs

Dimensions: 1.5" L x 1.25" W x 0.75" H

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