RailSounds Commander™

6-ELRR5 | Price: $99.95

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The latest RailSounds Commander™ is a giant upgrade from its predecessor. It’s packed with features from the Lionel Railsounds line, including eight prototypical diesel run levels, continuously variable DynaChuff for steam, intelligible CrewTalk and TowerComm and improved fidelity and detail on all sound elements.

The RailSounds Commander™ supports command and conventional mode with battery backup. It operates standalone, or in conjunction with the full product line of Electric Railroad’s TMCC™ upgrades. The small size is unparalleled in the marketplace, so just about every locomotive can have a high performance sound system!

The RailSounds Commander™ comes as a complete kit, including a high performance speaker, speaker baffle, mounting supplies, comprehensive installation manual, and connection cables for conventional and command operation.

  • Conventional and Command mode operation
  • Command mode volume control
  • On-board volume control for conventional operation
  • Expanded variety of sound sets
    -Diesel: Alco PA/PB, Alco 420, F3/F7, E8/9, GP7/9, Dash 9, FM, SD
    -Steam: Small, Medium, Large, Articulated, Steam w/Air Horn
    -Electric: GG1, EP5
  • Multiple trigger options for chuff and diesel ramp up/down
  • Battery (9v) supports convention mode operation
  • Easily interfaces with entire Electric Railroad Company line of products
  • Fully compliant with TMCC standards


Dimensions: 1.75” L x 1.25” W x 0.50” H

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