Lionel VISION Line

Grand Central Terminal

In 2005, Lionel worked with the craftsmen and artisans of TW Design to design and create the New York Transit Museum’s Annual Holiday Train Show Display at Grand Central Terminal. The emotional centerpiece of this exciting and popular display was an homage to the “Cathedral of Train Terminals” – Grand Central Terminal – a massive 31 ½” x 18” x 15 ½” model of this American railroading icon.
The impressive creation successfully captured the essence of the structure’s Beaux Arts design and Jules-Alexis Coutan’s 42nd Street façade, albeit with simplified details more appropriate to a toy train layout. Since the opening of the Transit Museum’s display, the recurring question has been “When will Lionel offer its own version of this unique building?”
This year, Lionel is pleased to offer a one-time-only, limited edition of this exciting structure for the discriminating toy train collectors and operator. The item will be numbered and hand-built by TW Design right here in the USA. The Terminal will include interior illumination and will be secured to a base incorporating a ¼-scale stair-step around the perimeter. Terminal notches allow for Lionel Station Platforms (not included) to be placed with sidings at the rear of the terminal. The base is removable, and the structure can be placed atop an elevated platform servicing railyards below as seen on the original GCT display.
  • Medium-density fiberboard construction
  • Frosted plexiglass windows and doors
  • Cast resin detailing
  • Interior lighting
  • Size: 31 ½” x 18”x 15 ½”
  • Weight: 38 lbs.

6-16859 $1,499.00

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