Lionel VISION Line

Lionel Flatcar With Operating LCD Billboard

Customize your own LCD billboard Lionel Flatca r with Operating LCD Billboard
Here’s a modern twist on a Lionel favorite. A classic flatcar with an all-new billboard featuring an LCD display! This billboard comes loaded with slideshow images that you can display on your billboard while running the flatcar on your train layout.
You can also create and personalize your own billboard slideshow of images by downloading pictures directly from your computer or from an SD memory card. Want to place the billboard on the side of the track? No problem. The operating LCD billboard can be detached from the flatcar and placed anywhere on your layout!
  • Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers
  • All-new removable LCD Billboard display
  • Billboard can be detached from flatcar for trackside operation
  • Autoplay SD Flash media content
  • Supports standard picture formats
  • Multi-picture slideshow included
  • Manual billboard ON/OFF switch
  • Includes AC power adapter to recharge billboard battery
  • Minimum Curve: O-27
  • Length: 11”

6-37006 $179.99

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