Lionel VISION Line

Wind Turbine 3 Pack

Bring your trackside layout into the 21st century with modern, clean wind power.Operating Wind Turbine 3-Pack
One of the fastest growing alternative energy sources in the world, wind turbines efficiently convert the energy of the wind into electricity with minimal impact on the environment. Wind farms made up of a multitude of turbines are an increasingly common site throughout the nation and the world. Start your own modern wind farm with the newlytooled Operating Wind Turbine 3-pack. Over 15” in height, each operating turbine rotates at a realistic, constant speed. Accurately modeled details include spinning blades, “nacelle” housing, vertical tower, and base with tower entrance.
  • Realistic rotation of turbine blades
  • Constant rotating speed
  • Height: 15 ½”

6-16850 $224.99

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